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808BuddyMall FurAway - Pet Hair Remover


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Does your pet shed everywhere? Look no further...

Protecting your precious outerwear every day with this compact and life-lasting pet hair remover. Why keep spending money on lint rollers when you can purchase one that lasts a lifetime? Our pet hair remover is excellent on sofa, couch, carpet, bedsheets, clothes, car seats and more!



Gently roll the hair remover back and forth on the surface. One has is all that's needed as our engineered lint roller will pick up any hair as it gets contact!


Press the release button to open the lid. Get ready to be astounded by the results!


Simply toss away the collected hair! No more trying to tear through the line and dealing with sticky lint papers...


808BuddyMall™ Pet Hair Remover was designed with longevity in mind. We wanted to re-invent the traditional sticky lint rollers with modern technology. Just because it's everlasting, doesn't mean we have to sacrifice the functionality of lint roller. With a one time purchase, you can be assured that you will be pet hair-free all the time!


The size of 808BuddyMall™ - Pet Hair Remover is very comparable to the regular lint roller size. However, the same size does not mean the same level of functionality! Try our product yourself!


Question: How many do I need?
Answer:Of course one should be more than enough for all your pet hair needs. At 808BuddyMall, we suggest getting 2 or more for your home, car, and possibly your work office! This would assure that you will always be hair free no matter where you are.
Question: Will this pick up human hair?
Answer: "Absolutely I shed a lot too and it picks up everything!" - 808BuddyMall™ - Pet Hair Remover Customer
Question: Can I use this on any surface?
Answer: "I've used it in the car, on the couch, on the bed, on his cat tree, in his little bed, my dining room chairs. Best thing ever." 808BuddyMall™ - Pet Hair Remover Customer
Question: Can I wash the hair remover?
Answer: At 808BuddyMall, although this product is everlasting, we recommend you use a damp cloth to lightly rub the product but be gentle on the roller itself (red area).
Question: "Has anyone had this long enough to wear out? How long does it take?"
Answer: "Have only had mine for 5 months, use it frequently and have had no issues. Have 2 dogs and probably collect enough hair every other morning to name it as a 3rd dog." 808BuddyMall™ - Pet Hair Remover Customer
Question: Can I use it directly on my pet?
Answer: At 808BuddyMall, we recommend that you DO NOT use this on your pet. It may work but it is solely made to clean up after mess not before!
Question: Does this work on short and long hair?
Answer: At 808BuddyMall, we definitely recommend using this for both short and long hairs! 

TRY 808BuddyMall™ - Pet Hair Remover COMPLETELY RISK-FREE